My passion is wildlife photography and the challenge of finding the critters and then capturing them unharmed in digital photographs. While I live in Wisconsin, I have traveled to many of the other US states and several countries, leveraging National Parks and Wildlife Refuges as I look for subjects. All animals shown here were photographed live, and in the wild (unless documented to the contrary). I also enjoy shooting landscapes that focus on natural settings, and on occasion shoot various events. All of my photographs and video productions are copyrighted with all Rights Reserved unless I have provided you with a Copyright Release.

My current website is at JohnHillmer.zenfolio.com but I am working to migrate it to this website.  So for now, to see my wildlife, you might want to go to the zenfolio version of my portfolio.

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The purpose of this website is to share images visually through your browser, usually in a lower resolution format that is good for online viewing, but not intended for printing or other uses outside of your personal browser (remember, these are all copyright protected pieces of art).  Should you wish to obtain a larger resolution version for your use, or one printed in a particular size or on a particular media, contact me with the specifics and I will provide pricing options.